Pond Cleaning

A rectangular pond by New Forest Aquatic Consultants

Pond cleaning is a very dirty job that nobody wants to do. You will need somewhere to put the fish whilst you are cleaning out the pond. Then there is all the debris and over grown plants to dispose of when you have finished. You may even have to repair a leak, re-pot the existing pond plants, clean the waterfall and filtration system. The list goes on.

New Forest Aquatic Consultants are here to help, we can carry out all the jobs listed above and more. Your fish will be kept in one of our top quality holding vats for the duration of the pond clean.

Prices are given by written quotation after an initial site visit. All quotations are free to the Bournemouth / New Forest area. For further information please call or email us.

Pond Cleaning Step 1 Pond Cleaning Step 2 Pond Cleaning Step 3